Beach workout - Move Bornholm by Nomi

Beach workout - Move Bornholm by Nomi

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Beach workout - Move Bornholm by Nomi

Opublikowano: 03-06-2020 | Wygaśnie: 03-06-2021

Cena/Prise: 10,00 EUR

Beach workout

An hour filled with play, sweat, puls and lots of laughs.

This class is designed for those who would like to have a fun and warm morning. Mom and dad - come throw your kids around. No kids? Come get yourself a super efficient and sweaty workout.  

The training involves doing movements / exercises in the sand that challenge balance, mobility, strength and fitness - using the sand as resistance.

The lesson is for everyone, big, small, young and old - everyone can participate. Whether you are a beginner or a beginner, the training will be just right for your level. Children are very welcome. 

Bring water and a towel, no shoes required. 


Monday to Saturday 08.00-09.00 All of July.


75,- pr. hour

50,- for those living at EcoCamp

Kids under 13 are free of charge

Sign up.

No sign up needed


Move Bornholm by Nomi

In collaboration with EcoCAmp, Move Bornholm by Nomi offers yoga and beach workout throughout the month of July.

Our intention is to give you a fantastic and active holiday. With us,  you will have the opportunity to exercise, have fun and relax.

Everyone can join the classes, both children and adults. It does not require any training experience to participate.

All classes takes place by/at EcoCamp


All of July.

Monday to Saturday.

08.00-09.00 Beach workout

09.00-10.00 Yoga


Questions about the classes? Contact Nomi. Mail or SMS 0045 28877341

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